Tuesday, December 24, 2019

What Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About Careers

What Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About CareersWhat Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About CareersA career is often thought of as a straight path. Very rarely do we look at a career as an opportunity to experiment with various trades, crafts, and skills. Maybe we should, as it seems to be working just fine for Homer Simpson.In the 20+ seasons of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson has held a wide range of different jobs, some very real occupations, while others were utterly ridiculous. In those different jobs he has seen success and failure. But, hes never been discouraged from trying something new.Here are Homers all-time best jobs.AstronautBelieve it or not, at one point Homer was considered the future of NASA. After beating fellow Springfield resident Barney for a spot aboard the space shuttle, Homer is launched into space with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. However, Homers space career is shortened when, after rescuing the Shuttle from disaster, Homer is upstaged by an inanimate carbon rod.Sea rch NASA jobs.BootleggerWhen Springfield outlaws alcohol Homer takes on the law and begins smuggling spirits into town. To stop Homer, the city brings in Rex spruchbanner, an Eliot Ness-style assekuranzpolice officer, famous for bringing smugglers to justice. As Homer continues to elude Banner, he rises to folk hero status and dons the moniker the Beer Baron. Eventually Rex Banner is catapulted out of town and liquor returns to Springfield.Search brewery jobs.Grease CollectorAfter Apu informs Homer that you can trade in grease for money he decides to start his own business. After establishing the Simpson Son Grease Co. Homer attempts to collect enough grease to make a living. In his first attempt to trade in grease Homer makes only sixty-three cents. Eventually he graduates up to collecting grease from the local fast food restaurant and elementary school cafeteria. But hes pushed out of the grease business by the local grease collection establishment.Search waste management jobs.Sn ow Removal OperatorOne of the most most famous Homer jobs is when he became Mr. Plow. In this classic episode Homer purchases a snowplow truck and starts his own business plowing out snowed in driveways. The business is so immensely successful that a rival snowplow company pops up. But to this day Mr. Plow remains everyones favorite, due to the commercial jingle, So remember. Call Mr. Plow, thats my name. That name again is Mr. Plow.Search snow removal jobs.Bowling Alley EmployeeWhen Homer pays off all his debts he quits his job at the Springfield Power Plant in order to pursue his dream job, working at the local bowling alley as a pin monkey. Although not a glamorous job, Homer loves it and it pays him just enough to cover all his family of fours expenses. But this all changes when his wife, Marge, gets pregnant with Maggie, the Simpsons youngest daughter. The cost of having another daughter means Homer must give up his bowling alley dream and get back his old power plant job, whic h he does, for his new daughter.Search bowling alley jobs.VigilanteWhen a cat burglar strikes Springfield and steals Homers daughter Lisas saxophone, he takes it upon himself to bring the criminal to justice. The cat burglar manages to avoid capture until Grandpa Simpson catches him. The episode concludes with a wonderful spoof on Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, complete with Phil Silvers driving a car across a river. Classic.Search security jobs and police officer jobs.

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